The program's memory management was so inefficient that it actually damaged the RAM somehow!

I forgave her.


I'm glad to have this opportunity to speak to you.

The whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men.

I personally don't think so.

It didn't stop there.

What?! You ate my chocolate bear?!

Darrell said he had been ill.

Dale punched Sheila.

I don't think she cared.

When did you move to Berlin?

She can play tennis, and so can I.

Close the refrigerator.

I am engaged in AIDS research.

He devoted his life to the study of science.

My house isn't so far from here.

Always write legibly.

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Kenneth isn't afraid of me, is he?

I am fully aware of Morris's activities.

This machine can dig giant holes.

Can you tell me what is the capital of Texas ?

The pottery was baked by fire.

But she's innocent!

Is there any evidence that supports his position?

Son isn't used to driving a left-hand drive car.

Maria blew a kiss to Shari and hid quiveringly under the sofa.

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Vern didn't respect the rules.


I don't have a job anymore.


Starbuck is a fluent speaker of French.

Radek tried to compose himself.

They named their son Mann.


She looked puzzled at the abrupt question posed by a reporter.


We've got to get out of this place.

She must care for the old man.

The ship cast anchor at Kobe.

Oskar chose to leave.

Can you make sure that Louise is OK?

I closed the door so no one could hear us.

I knew it was possible.


I'm going to go hide.

I'm happy that it's over.

You're not going to wear that, are you?


Why is Suresh acting so crazy?

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I opened the chess game with the Italian opening.

Have you ever just let the chocolate melt in your mouth? I swear, it tastes even better this way.

You know I can't stand him.


The situation is becoming more and more dire for me.


I hope that you won't make the same mistake as Axel.

You don't need to panic.

A stranger approached him.

This stool needs to be repaired.

He's sitting at the table.

Bring me a bucket of water.

Curtis escaped unscathed from the wreckage.


The people rose up against the invaders.

The watch on the desk is mine.

There was no one in the shop to wait on me.

Ragnar came here to study French.

The cat is very cute.

I tried to convince Naim.

She has a book.


He is much older than he looks.


Radek hasn't won anything yet.

Men are so useless.

Would you like to have supper with us on the weekend?

How can you endure such cold?

Coat the chicken breast with flour.

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Jakob never knew Jussi felt that way.

A time will soon come when people can enjoy space travel.

Do you like my island?

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My friend has had three jobs in a year; he never sticks to anything for long.


There are only a few mistakes, or perhaps none at all.

I met her at the library.

Have you spent a lot of time with Neil?

You have to buy this too!

The man whom I was due to meet cannot come.

There are thirty names on the list.

Warren leaned on Presley's shoulder for support.


How much did you tell Tharen?

The skit was presented by fifth grade students.

Siping and Pamela have actually never been on a date yet.

Men don't shop when they feel down.

Have you ever lived in a rural area?

That was the last thing I expected to hear.

That dog runs very fast.


He is an easy mark at cards.


I would've said no.


Jean was never a soldier.

I didn't need to know anything else.

Can you come to the party?

Don't disturb him.

I don't mind telling you what I know.

I don't think you mean that.

I may not be able to cope with those problems.

Where has Dwayne gone?

Her face is in focus.


It's a pity she couldn't come.

Please call me when you have decided what you would like to do.

Your sacrifice won't go unnoticed.

We all stared at them.

Shannon seems to have trouble walking.

You're the love of my life.

I hope we learn something interesting today.

Check it now.

Children watch adults.

You can't give that away.

I figured you wouldn't come.

I can't help you because I don't understand French.

I have some appointments this afternoon.


I'd better go away.


I don't feel like having Chinese food today.

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Dan talked about his abusive father.

I see Marcel every day.

We were trying to impress them.

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The law was enacted in the Meiji era.

I've already paid for it.

I'll try to find out when we're supposed to be there.

Please call again.

Charley is at home almost every evening.


Mayo wanted to paint the fence white.

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The jewel had been stolen during the night.


It was incomplete.


Do you need keys?

She is close to sixty.

Has my software been updated?


I didn't see anything strange.

After having fought many hard battles, we were able to bring home the bacon and set up a new government.

Hey, did you see that?

It appears to me that she was wrong.

She doesn't want to get out of bed.


Beverly dyed his hair black.

Marco remembered Gigi quite well.

Derek doesn't look pleased.


It's a quarter to three.

Did Dominic lie to Santa?

Due to Triton's retrograde orbit, its density, and its composition, astronomers theorize that Triton was not originally a satellite of Neptune, but was captured by Neptune's gravitational pull, forcing it into an orbit around the planet.

I never knew what his name was.

They scraped barnacles off the hull of the ship.

Get off of him.

As it is, I can not pay you.

Ken was reading when I came home.

I want to do what I used to do before I went to prison.

I enjoy warm weather, but this heat is too much for me!

They take great pride in their daughter, who is now a famous singer.


It just keeps getting worse and worse.

Donna is the next in line for promotion.

Spyros loves kung fu.

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Harmon knows it's true.

Can you get this junk out of here?

He isn't who he says he is.

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Let's sit around the stove and have a chat.


Giving gifts is always nicer than receiving them.

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Jayesh isn't a lazy child.

I washed my shirt clean.

What's my doctor's name?

I'll give you thirty dollars.

Suppose you are talking to a friend.

Everything flows and nothing remains.

I gave her no choice.

To be a good translator, I think Benjamin needs to hone his skills a bit more.

This is getting embarrassing.